Other Security Tips

Be careful of those virus warnings passed on by well-intentioned family and friends. They may be hoaxes perpetuated by chain-letters. You should verify any with trusted resources, such as those listed on the virus and hoax links pages. This includes those mentioned on news programs.

From the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada's national public broadcaster) Watch those virus warnings passed on by well-intentioned friends and family. It might be a hoax perpetuated by chain-letters. Verify the information with trusted sources. Rosaleen Citron, CEO of security firm White Hat Inc., recommends Sans.org and Anti-Phishing.org.

Turn your computer off or disconnect from the network between uses. Disconnecting your computer from the internet when you're not online, or shutting down the computer, lessens the chance that an intruder will be able to access your system. This is especially important when you have a high speed, always on connection.

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