Computer Security

Computer Security is protecting the computer and the information stored on it from theft, destruction and corruption. Parts of computer security would include physical security of the computer, protection against internet threats, and backing up the data. This would need to be handled in such a way to allow the computer to still be accessible to its users.

Physical security of the computer and related materials would be normally handled as with anything of value. Locked doors and cabinets, and cable locks may be a part of this security.

Regular and frequent backing up of the data is a good protection against loss of the data. An off-site backup is necessary in case of fire or other structure loss. If you use custom programs, these should be a part of your backups. Unfortunately, most people don't do regular backups until it is too late.
While computers are normally reliable, they do fail. A good backup as well as the original computer and program CDs and/or DVDs should be kept for when this happens.

Internet security should include the many threats to computers that come from the internet and other removable media, such as CDs, DVDs and USB drives. These threats include but are not limited to viruses, spyware, hoaxes, and scams.

Many of these topics will be covered in depth in topics listed below:

Spyware & Adware
Scams & Hoaxes

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