What's New

As our web site is updated, stop here first to see what has been added and changed.

September 2011 - Updated the several pages and the navigation for all pages. Also added a link to the blog.

08-14-2011 - We recently started writing a blog. It is located at MDCW Blog. The current plan is to add to add posts frequently, but not on a specific time frame. These posts may be on any topic, however, most will be computer related. At this time, the plan is to mostly cover either security issues or tips on getting the most out of your computer. Please check our blog for recent updates to any of the other pages. The other pages will be updated as time allows.
Content on some of the security pages has been updated as well.

10-10-2010 Our entire web site has been updated, along with several new pages.

January 2009 - Updated the Web Design Portfolio page. Also, updated the links on some of the pages.

September 2006 - Updated the Web Design Portfolio.

August 2006 - Our entire web site has been updated and revised. New content and a new design.